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Bus services from Old Town Travel

Old Town Travel is a transportation company that operates daily on direct lines between Shkoder and Tirana in Albania and Kotor, Budva and Podgorica in Montenegro.
Due to their experience in passenger transport, and having respected their needs and inquiries, this Montenegrian transport company came up with a unique bus line that helps many passengers reach their destinations quickly and comfortably:

Bus from Budva -> Podgorica -> Shkoder -> Tirana
Bus from Tirana -> Shkoder -> Podgorica -> Budva

Given that the traffic situation is rather inconsistent and for a time it was almost impossible to travel from Montenegro to Tirana due to frequent bus changes and inadequate schedules that complicated for passengers the connection from Montenegro to Scutari and Tirana, it was necessary to introduce direct bus lines connecting the city of Budva and Podgorica with Scutari and Tirana, without bus changes and with exact and controlled departure and arrival times to make it possible for passengers to arrive at their destination.

Therefore, Old Town Travel has established a permanent, fast and direct bus line from Budva and Podgorica to Shkodra and Tirana and back.

The main objective of this transport company is to increase the number of people traveling on these routes, which has been achieved by allowing them to reach Tirana and Shkoder from Kotor and Budva in an easiest and fastest way possible.
This company believes that the key factors for their success in transport business are the following:

The bus journey needs to be simple and comfortable for the passengers.
The routes must be adjusted to the passenger needs.
The bus journey must be the cheapest mean of transportation.